Happy Birthday George! 13 Photos Of A Very Excited Prince

Prince George Blue Cardigan Beaufort Polo Club

Was it really almost two years ago that we gave a right royal “hello!” to Prince George?

1. “Bilby! Bilby! Bilby!  It’s coming back with us, yes?  Have you told Lupo?”

Kate Middleton Holds Prince George Smiles Prince William Bilby Enclosure

James Whatling / Splash News

2. “Hah! Look at all the fun I’m having!”


3.  “What’s in there? A prezzie for moi?”


4. “L-O-V-I-N-G this toy. I’m taking it with me.”


5.  “It’s amazing, the sedation that comes after a bottle.”

Prince William Suit Holds Prince George Blue Sweater

i-Images / i-Images

6. “Have you ever seen a stride so full of purpose?”


7.  “George!  It’s me, George!”

Prince George Sees Bilby Sydney Zoo


8. “Everybody Wang-Chung!”


9. “The holidays are my JAM.”

Prince George Christmas Vest Knee Socks Kensington Palace


10. “Wonderful to see you all!  Look at how spotless my outfit is.”


11. “That antique mirror over there is telling me that I’m having a helluva hair day.”


12. “The joy one feels looking out at one’s kingdom.”

prince george laughing trooping The Colour


13. “OK, stop. No more.”


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