9 Times Kate Middleton Looked Absolutely Horrified

kate middleton horrified

You’ve done it.  You’ve up and offended the future consort of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth realms, and now you must sit in time-out.

1. He suggested I take a “walk” to shake off the morning sickness.  In turn, I suggested he take a long walk along the M5.

Kate Middleton Blue Coat Family Friends Voluntary Organization

Ben Stevens / i-Image

2.  Sorry, did you just imply that these were fake?

Kate Middleton Jenny Packham Ink Blue Gown Met New York City


3. Christ almighty, it is positively dreadful here.

Edward: I told you.  


4. It’s fine. I’m sure she didn’t mean anything by “you look better today.” All is well.  Where’s Maria with the Xanax and gin flask?


5. F** all, I see Fergie.

Kate Middleton Jenny Packham Gown Team GB Gala 2012

Stephen Lock


6. That man just called me Waity Kaity.  WILLIAM, THAT MAN JUST CALLED ME WAITY KAITY.

Kate Middleton Shocked Face Alice Temperley Lace Gown Natural History Museum

Andrew Parsons / i-Images


7. I did make the right decision wearing this dress.  I did.  William said it looked lovely on me.  I’ll just have the bathroom attendant killed for suggesting I looked “festive.”

Kate Middleton Straight Face Royal Box Wimbledon 2015

Mirrorpix / Splash News

8. It worked!

Kate Middleton Sunglasses Claps Wimbledon

Mirrorpix / Splash News


9. Wait, wait.  How many condoms were used in the Olympic village?

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