Elizabeth McGovern Shares Photos From ‘Downton Abbey’s Last Days of Filming

elizabeth mcgovern hugs michelle dockery filming downton abbey

Elizabeth McGovern/Twitter

Filming for the sixth and final season of ITV’s Downton Abbey is winding down, and cast members are sharing some fantastic photos from the set via Twitter.

Elizabeth McGovern‘s post will give you the feels, so I’ll let it sit with you for a moment:

Will Robert be able to operate in a world with no valet?

Will Anna and Bates be able to live a life free of parole?

Will Anna use her maid’s uniform for saucy nights at home with Mr. Bates?

Will Mrs. Patmore be allowed to keep the dishes and flatware she slaved over for 1100 years?

Is the staff finally being recognized for their services?

Does Mary’s skin crawl every time she looks at that bed? #RIPMrPamuk

What sorcerer did Lady Rose have to fool around with in order to obtain wireless telephones? 


The final season will show the Crawleys parting ways with their servants, as austerity measures are being taken to keep the cost of living down.  In one scene, according to The Telegraph, Earl and Countess of Grantham go down to the kitchen to make a snack.

“That concept comes in really sharply in the final season,” executive producer Gareth Neame told Vanity Fair.  “It is just accelerating the idea that Downton Abbey can’t continue the way it has, so the idea of scaling down and downsizing becomes more and more clear.”

The final season will air in the UK next month, followed by a stateside premiere in January 2016.

PS – Please enjoy this knee-slapper of a photo gallery featuring the Downton cast at a BAFTA tribute to the program.

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