6 Reasons Why It’s So Important To Shape Your Eyebrows

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It’s believed that next to teeth, the eyebrows are the most important features on any face.  That’s why it’s worth going the extra mile to have them done by someone who truly understands what it means to “shape” one’s brows.

I haven’t lived in my home town in ten years, yet I make an appointment with the same exact woman each and every time I’m back. Her name is Dimitra Zontanos and she is a genius.

If you’ve ever seen a photo of me, you’ll notice that my eyebrows are very…pronounced, which means I have to be very careful about who I let near them. 

Eyebrow goals:


Zontanos knows exactly what she’s doing, whether her client is yours truly, or someone with wispier, more delicate brows.

“I love making my clients happy and this is a service that is both easy and important for the overall look,” Zontanos told me.


Here are her six reasons why having the right shape is key to your overall look:

1) They make you look rested – You could have gotten 40 minutes of sleep the night before, but the right shape makes it look like you got 8.

2) They give you a subtle, more modern change – And you don’t even have to splurge on new makeup

3) They’re an inexpensive way to look great without having to resort to Botox – As much fun as it is to inject snake poison into your head.

4) You can get away with little-to-no no makeup when your brows are shaped properly.  The Duchess of Cambridge uses  Bobbi Brown’s eyebrow kit (below) to keep her brows polished.  “Catherine has the perfect balance between classic and modern,” Brown herself told Instyle in April 2012. “Her bold brows frame her face, while a swipe of gloss and pop of pink blush give her a healthy glow.”

5) It’s easiest way to make you look like you had an eye lift.

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6) Having them done on a regular basis makes you look younger and fresher.

Dimitra Zontanos has been shaping eyebrows for over 15 years.  She graduated from Endicott College with  a bachelors in marketing, but later went back to school to study aesthetics when she realized she did a better job on her own brows than any one else.

Zontanos started sculpting brows at Elizabeth Grady, and now works at Naz Kupelian salon in Lexington, MA.  Her work has been featured via collaborations with Alex and Ani and Boston Fashion Week

To make an appointment with Zontanos, click here.

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