Queen Letizia’s Doll Looks Surprisingly Realistic

queen letizia pre royal wedding dinner

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Unlike the horrifying dolls made in the Duchess of Cambridge’s likeness, this one passes for attractive.

Make it stop!


Russian designers Sergey Amelkov and Vasily Barbier created this barbie doll as a tribute to Queen Letizia of Spain, which will be showcased publicly on Sunday, September 13th.

The doll will then be given to Her Majesty through the Spanish charity,”One Toy, One Dream,” which raises money for toys to give to impoverished children living in third world countries.  Letizia has been a supporter of the campaign for over 15 years and the doll, according to the Daily Mail, is a gift from the Spanish people to Letizia for her work.


The doll is thought to be modeled after the gown Letizia wore to a pre-wedding reception in London on April 28th, 2011.  On the eve before William and Catherine’s nuptials, royal families from across the globe gathered at the Mandarin Oriental for the event, hosted by Queen Elizabeth II.

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