The Queen’s 68-Year-Old Wedding Cake Is Still Around, Thanks To Alcohol

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When then-Princess Elizabeth married Prince Philip in November 1947, the couple’s wedding cake stood 9 feet tall and consisted of four tiers.  According to the BBC, it was dubbed the “10,000 mile cake” because its ingredients were flown to England from South Africa and Australia. 

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Gorringes Auctioneers

An anonymous woman from East Sussex put the baked good up for auction at Gorringes Auctioneers; her father was a guest at the royal wedding and held on to the keepsakw.

The slice, still wrapped in its original parchment, is still edible thanks to one of its ingredients: a high level of booze.


The cake comes with its original ivory box, inscribed with “E.P. Buckingham Palace 20th November 1947,” in silver writing.  The card inside reads “With the Best Wishes of Their Royal Highnesses The Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh.”

On September 9th, Her Majesty will surpass Queen Victoria as the longest-reigning British monarch in history.  Perchaps she’ll celebrate with a stiff gin instead of cake.

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