Kate Middleton is Going Into The Food Business

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The Duchess of Cambridge loves making jam, and has been known to make a mean chicken roast.  So, in the entrepreneurial spirit of Real Housewives everywhere, she’s turning it into a business.

According to the Mail on Sunday‘s Charlotte Griffiths, Catherine is “working on a plan to get the nation hooked on her wholesome organic food recipes.”

Sources have reportedly told Griffith that Catherine is so into her organic veggie garden at Anmer Hall that she’s thinking of going the way of her father-in law.  Prince Charles has a range of organic products, Duchy Originals, which is sold at British supermarket chain, Waitrose.  The endeavor has raised over $16 million for charities since Charles started it over 21 years. ago. 


“It’s a concept for now but it will happen – just give it 18 months or so. And it’s natural that it should do so,” the source said.  Catherine is also tapping Pippa Middleton to do some behind-the-scenes work, since the latter is training to be a nutritionist.



Apparently the Sisters Middleton have a “grow your own vegetable” kit that will be featured in the “Anmer Organics” (working title, probs) range.

Here’s where I started to draw question marks all over my computer screen:

“One day Prince William will want to have a profitable business attached to his estate to generate funds – both charitable and otherwise – just like his father does.  It’s also important for William to promote his home, Norfolk, in the same way that Charles promotes Cornwall with the Duchy range.”


Wait, wait.  Doesn’t the Prince of Wales inherit the Duchy of Cornwall?  It was created by King Edward III in 1337 as a means of income for the heir to the throne.

Also, isn’t William a rather private person?  I didn’t know he was so keen about putting his new 10-bedroom Norfolk home on the map?

When people come up with ideas, I’m always the first to say “you do you.”  This story, however, doesn’t make a ton of sense if you’re drawing comparisons to the Duchy of Cornwall, an historic (and private) estate that Prince Charles happened to turn into a philanthropic endeavor.

If “Anmer Organics” creates jobs and does the community good, then great.  But let’s not go and make up stories about William wanting to put his stamp on Norfolk.  That’s already the plan (along with money, mail boxes, etc).

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