The Princely Monaco Twins Wish You a Happy Christmas

Prince Albert Princess Charlene Prince Jacques Princess Gabriella Christmas Photo 2015

Facebook, Chris Morris / Palais Princier de Monaco

Oh my GOD, look at these little butterballs.

While Princess Charlene posed ever so elegantly, Princess Gabriella chewed on an ornament/apple and looked at something off camera…as you do.

Meanwhile, Prince Albert held Prince Jacques, who was likely in the middle of water color class when he was commanded to appear in the family’s 2015 Christmas card. 

“All our best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a New Year 2016 filled with joy,” the message on the royal cypher read.

I am smitten with these twins;  they just turned one on December 10th, and are the very embodiment on zero f–ks given.

At their christening in May, a Dior-clad Jacques tried to grab Gabriella’s binky while the world watched.  It was friggin’ adorable.

On November 19th, the twins greeted their people from the Palace of Monaco’s balcony.

And by greet I mean stared blankly before wanting to wriggle out of their parents arms and raise hell.



On November 29th, the parents pushed their twins in a stroller through Monaco during the “March for Climate.” Gabriella wore baby UGGs.



According to People, Charlene requested an “informal” family photo, taken on November 20th at their Roc Agel retreat.

Though Jacques is two minutes younger than his sister, he is heir to the throne because of primogeniture (any son born after a daughter will leapfrog her in line to the throne).

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