VIDEO: The Monaco Twins Chew On Toys, Commandeer Mom and Dad’s Interview

Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella end of year interview 2015

Facebook/Prince’s Palace of Monaco

The Prince’s Palace of Monaco released a video on Facebook of Prince Albert and Princess Charlene with their one-year-old twins, Jacques and Gabriella.

The interview took place in early December, and a DVD was sent to citizens of Monaco recapping the twins’ first year.

Charlene and Albert described parenthood while the children chewed on toys and crawled around the room.

“They’re very active, very playful, absolutely adorable and a lot of work!” Charlene said.

princess charlene prince albert monaco palace twins prince jacques princess gabriella

Facebook/Prince’s Palace of Monaco

The twins don’t suffer from stranger danger yet, which is great considering their future duty to Monaco.

“I think they seem very much at ease with all the people they meet, with other children, but also adults.” Albert said.

Charlene, a former Olympic swimmer, made sure to get the children in the water even before they took their first steps.

“They love their bath,” Charlene said of her water babies. 

“I think the most important thing for me as a mother was to get them drown-proofed (teaching children to balance themselves in the water).

“They have learned the self-rescue method, which means they swim before they walk,” the Princess explained.

Jacques grabbed dad’s hand to try and give walking a go a few times during the video, then tackled an oversized bear.

prince jacques teddy bear

prince jacques falls over teddy bear

Facebook/Prince’s Palace of Monaco

“It’s true that Gabriella looks more like me, thanks to her facial features than Jacques,” Albert said.

“But, there’s also a bit of Charlene in both of the children.”

These kids are adorable.

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