Pippa Middleton And James Matthews: Are They Back Together?

BRIGHTON, ENGLAND - JUNE 21:  Pippa Middleton and James Middleton Finish the London To Brighton Bike Ride For British Heart Foundation on June 21, 2015 in Brighton, England.  (Photo by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images)

 Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

Back in October 2012, Pippa Middleton was spotted on a date with James Matthews, who started his own firm, Eden Rock Capital Management in 2001, and is the older brother of Made in Chelsea‘s Spencer Matthews.

The relationship didn’t last long.  Shortly after, Middleton began a three-year relationship with Nico Jackson.  The two broke up last October, according to People.

Dominic O'Neill/Boodles Boxing Ball Committee via Getty Images

Dominic O’Neill/Boodles Boxing Ball Committee via Getty Images

Middleton and her brother, James spent the New Year holiday at Eden Rock hotel in St. Barts, owned by Spencer and James’s family.

This was Pippa and James’s second visit to the island in four months; Carole and Michael joined them in August. 

A few months ago, a source told the Daily Mail that Pippa and James, 40, were seen going into a West London home after walking his dog. Pippa was seen leaving the home the next day with a bouquet of flowers; James emerged shortly after.

Another onlooker noticed them out in London’s Soho neighborhood in May.

In September James joined the Middleton siblings (sans Catherine )took part in the Otilllo race, in which the competitors swim and run between 26 islands in Sweden.

The group raised money for the Michael Matthews Foundation, set up in memory of James and Spencer’s older brother who died in 1999 while descending the summit of Mt. Everest.

During an interview with Spencer in October 2012, I asked about the speculation surrounding his older brother and Pippa.

“You know, my brother is an extremely private guy and he just despises any mention of his name in any press,” Spencer admitted.

“He is the opposite of me, although we’re quite good friends. However, what you read in the Daily Mail isn’t too far from the truth.

“I know they’ve always been very close friends – well, they’ve had a close friendship for awhile and it seems that there might be something more there, but I don’t know,” he continued.

“As I said, my brother doesn’t tell me anything. I’m the last one he keeps informed on that.”

Prior to Matthews, Pippa dated former cricket player Alex Loudon, who accompanied her to the royal wedding.

pippa middleton rear shot alexander mcqueen dress westminster abbey


pippa middleton red dress alex loudon wimbledon day nine 2011 michael middleton

Michael Regan/Getty Images

Their break-up was reportedly caused by Pippa’s sudden popularity after she became the world’s most famous bridesmaid.

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