Monaco’s Princess Gabriella and Prince Jacques: Their Cutest Photos

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On December 10th, 2014, Princess Gabriella of Monaco, Countess of Carladès was born at the Princess Grace Hospital, named after her paternal grandmother.

Two minutes later, her brother, Jacques did the ole’ “leapfrog” and  became the Hereditary Prince of Monaco, and will one day inherit the throne from his father, Prince Albert II.

Because to primogeniture (which was done away with in other royal households like Sweden and Great Britain), Jacques outranks Gabriella by virtue of being a male, despite her being older.

Enough with the technicalities.  Let’s coo over baby photos! 

Prince Albert Of Monaco Celebrates 10 Years On The Throne

Gabriella: “Jacques, I insist you open your eyes to witness the splendor of your kingdom!”

Jacques: “Nah, I’m good.”

princess gabriella pink dress prince jacques throne celebrations monaco

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Official Presentation Of The Monaco Twins

Jacques: “Hello.  Good to hear you all.  Take care.”

Gabriella: “For the record, had I been the heiress, I would have waved with two hands.”

official presentation monaco twins

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Traditional Pique Nique Monegasque

Gabriella: “WTF is this?”

Jacques: “I don’t know, but I want these khakis burned.”

prince albert princess charlene twins pique nique monegasque

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Baptism Of The Princely Children at The Monaco Cathedral

Gabriella: “Sir? Sir, may I have that stick? I’m reaching out my hand to indicate that I want that stick. Sir!”

monaco twins baptism

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March For Climate

Gabriella: “Save the earth! Buy me a pony!”

Jacques: “Can someone adjust my seat?  I’m at the strangest angle.”

prince jacques princess gabriella march for climate 2015


Monaco National Day 2015

Gabriella: “If anyone down below locates 6 or 7 binkies, please return them to the palace immediately.”

Jacques: “This is it?  This is my inheritance?”

monaco twins parents balcony national day

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Gabriella: “Wait! Someone found a binkie!”

princess caroline holds princess gabriella monaco national day

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Official Christmas Video 2015

Jacques: “There was a man here just a moment ago.  He was wearing red and was a bit obese.  Does anyone know where that man went?”

Gabriella: “Does he have binkies?”

Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella end of year interview 2015

Facebook/Prince’s Palace of Monaco

Baptism Of The Princely Children – Inside The Monaco Cathedral

Jacques: “Gabriella, are you going to use this binkie Dior made for you?”

Gabriella: “Shh, the man with the stick, I keep watching him.  I want that stick.”

Jacques: “K, I’m just gonna take it and see how far I can throw it over the balcony.”

Princes Jacques Princess Gabriella Monaco Christening

YouTube/Royal Life CZ

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