The World Stands With Brussels After Terrorist Attacks

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This morning, ISIS suicide bombers detonated two devices inside Brussels’ Zaventem airport, and another at a metro station.  According to ABC News, one x-ray from an injured victim showed a nail that punctured a lung, leading authorities to believe that the bombs contained nails and screws.

The total number of people killed at press time is at least 31, forcing the country to go on the highest terror alert possible, as well as declare three days of mourning for the dead.

The acts, said Prime Minister Charles Michel, were “blind, violent and cowardly.”

He then added, “This is a day of tragedy, a black day… I would like to call on everyone to show calmness and solidarity.”

Just as they did after the Paris attacks in November, people showed their support for Belgium, turning social media handles into the color of the country’s national flag.

Palaces, monuments and government buildings in other countries paid their respects to the fallen, and showed solidarity against terror. 

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima’s display of support:

The Swedish royal family were among several monarchies who sent messages of support as well.

“It is with dismay that my family and I have learned of the terrible events in Brussels,” King Carl XVI Gustaf stated via twitter. 

“In this trying moment, we all stand united against this merciless terrorism, our thoughts go to those affected and their families.”


Queen Rania of Jordan tweeted that “Terrorism has no faith and knows no boundaries. The horrific attacks in #Belgium and #Turkey show that terrorists are our common enemy.”

Belgium’s King Philippe addressed his people in a televised speech this evening, according to Royal Central.

“Mathilde and I share in your sorrow, you who have lost a loved one or who have been wounded in the cowardly and despicable attacks today,” His Majesty said.

“We express our full support for members of the emergency and security services. Our gratitude also goes to all those who spontaneously offer their help.

“Faced with the threat, we will continue to respond with determination, with calmness and dignity. Let’s maintain confidence in ourselves. This trust is our strength.”

Messages of hope, love, peace and anger were written in chalk in Brussels following the bombings.

If you’re feeling a little down on humanity today, read this story about an airport baggage handler who dragged seven people to safety after the bombs went off.

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