Prince Harry Cleverly Promotes Invictus Games, The Queen Is Amused

prince harry mic drop queen elizabeth

Twitter/Kensington Royal

This might be the cutest vide you watch all day (aside from the royal wedding).

Prince Harry enlisted the Queen’s help in promoting next month’s Invictus Games in Orlando.

Ever the good sport, Her Majesty was game for making a short video that also starred President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, who popped over to William and Catherine’s apartment in Kensington Palace for dinner last week.

The video shows Harry and his grandmother going over a pamphlet about the upcoming games, when he gets a text from FLOTUS (her ringtone is aptly set to “Hail To The Chief”).

“It’s from Michelle,” Harry said, opening up a video made by Michelle, Barack and a few members of  the armed forces.  Continue reading

The Absolute Best Moments From The Royal Wedding

Britain's Prince William kisses his wife Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, after their wedding service, on April 29, 2011, in London. AFP PHOTO / LEON NEAL (Photo credit should read LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images)

LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images

Welcome to the 5th anniversary of the best day of my life.


Kate Middleton arrives with her sister, Maid of Honour Philippa Middleton at the West Door of Westminster Abbey in London for her wedding to Britain's Prince William, on April 29, 2011. AFP PHOTO / BEN STANSALL (Photo credit should read BEN STANSALL/AFP/Getty Images)


Without rambling on about how much I love to cover the life and times of royalty, let us oogle over photos that defined one of the most magnificent days in recent history.

Michale Middleton: “Will not get sick.  Will not get sick on the ground upon which all of England’s monarchs hath been crowned.”

kate middleton looks back crowd michael middleton westminster abbey


michael middleton walks kate middleton down aisle westminster abbey

Dave Thompson- WPA Pool/Getty Images

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Royal Wedding Rewind: A Closer Look At Kate Middleton’s Wedding Gown

kate middleton alexander mcqueen lace dress

AFP/Getty Images

It was the Duchess of Cambridge’s wish that any details pertaining to her gown would be a surprise until her and Prince William’s wedding day.

Media outlets immediately started to speculate on who landed the job.  Bruce Oldfield?  Diana’s wedding dress designers, David and Elizabeth Emanuel?  Temperley London?

In March, it leaked that Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen had been tapped to create Catherine’s wedding gown.

alexander mcqueen wedding dress display buckingham palace

Lewis Whyld/WPA Pool/ Getty Images

Burton had taken over as creative director for the house after McQueen passed away in February 2010.

On the eve of the royal wedding, a woman wearing jeans, flats and a fur-hooded parka snuck into The Goring Hotel, where the Middletons were staying.  Continue reading

Absolutely Fabulous 2nd Trailer Released, John Hamm Makes Dashing Cameo

joanna lumley champagne edina monsoon british fashion awards 2015

Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

If you’re never seen an episode of Absolutely Fabulous, then shame on you.

You can find the entire series on Hulu, so take that blanket of shame and binge on one the greatest comedy duos of our time.

Jennifer Saunders is taking the show to the big screen, and in the film’s second official trailer (just released today), Patsy Stone and Edina Monsoon find out that Kate Moss is looking for a new publicist.

So, Frick and Frack weasel their way into an A-List party to try and convince her to sign with Eddy.

The two unmade beds spot Lady Moss sitting on a rooftop perch, and make their move.

Pats spots a most delicious Jon Hamm and tells Eddy she’ll help distract and “roll away the Hamm.”  Continue reading

Royal Wedding Rewind: Kate Middleton Wanted Flowers In Her Hair, Camilla Said No

kate middleton laura parker bowles wedding 2006

Chris Jackson/Getty Images

I have SO many thoughts about this.

First off, this coming Friday marks five years since the royal wedding.

To celebrate the union of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, it’s key that we remember moments leading up to and during the greatest live event of our time.

Fans (me) were insatiable when it came to wedding plans for April 29th, 2011.

Who would design Catherine’s dress?  What would her and William’s titles be?  Are there really going to be trees inside Westminster Abbey (my father’s question)?

Reporter Catherine Ostler penned a most intriguing story for the Daily Mail, in which the Duchess of Cornwall was (allegedly) trying  to convince Catherine to wear a tiara for her nuptials.

Camilla Duchess Cornwall Boucheron Tiara State Opening Parliament

Stephen Lock / i-Images

“The latest battleground is that Camilla is said to be desperate to persuade the bride to wear a tiara — even asking friends to intervene on her behalf — because Kate is said to be considering wearing flowers in her hair,” Ostler wrote at the time.

It’s worth pointing out here that few women in this day and age have a justifiable reason to wear a tiara.  A real, historically-rich, priceless tiara that wasn’t purchased in a bridal shop.

And here was Catherine, opting instead for a few flowers to pop in her (albeit gorgeous) hair, a la Fergie at her 1986 nuptials (which looked ridiculous, PS).

You’ll notice that since the wedding, Catherine has only worn a tiara three times; twice to diplomatic receptions (below in 2012), and once to the 2015 Chinese State dinner.

kate middleton tiara diplomatic reception london 2013

Jesal / Tanna / Splash News

“While Charles and Camilla have no wish to be seen as extravagant or out of touch, they believe there is a level of formality and grandeur beneath which a royal wedding must not sink,” Oster wrote.

“To a certain extent, they [William and Catherine] want to have a royal wedding, be like their friends and be ‘of the people’ — something that Camilla would regard as trying to have their royal wedding cake and eating it.”

I side with Camilla on this one.

“Though Kate is not averse to headgear — after all, she single-handedly triggered a renaissance in the feathered headpieces called fascinators — she knows her long, glossy hair competes with her legs as being her stand-out feature,” Ostler continued.  Continue reading

Prince George Bids Obama Goodnight, Thanks Him For Popping By Kensington Palace

prince george bathrobe greets president obama

Twitter/Kensington Palace

Tonight, Nanny Maria allowed the President of the United States of America to have an audience with Prince George of Cambridge.

Though it was past her charge’s bedtime, Maria granted Mr. President 20 minutes with the heir to the British throne (Cameron usually gets zero).

And so, pleasantries were exchanged.  Prince George thanked Obama for the rocking horse he and Michelle sent over when he was born, even mounting it to show how much joy he gets out of the stationary object.  Continue reading

Mia Tindall Went Off-Script, Randomly Grabbed Queen’s Handbag For Photo

Mia Tindall Holds Queen's Purse

Annie Leibovitz via Getty Images

Prince George may have stolen the show yesterday, but today it was Princess Anne’s granddaughter, Mia Tindall who had everyone asking, “who’s the toddler holding Her Majesty’s purse?”

Annie Leibovitz shot a photo of the Queen with two of her youngest grandchildren – Lady Louise Windsor and James, Viscount Severn – and five great-grandchildren.

While Princess Charlotte sat on the monarch’s lap, 2-year-old Tindall looked quite pleased with herself as she held great-granny’s $1400 Launer purse.

A royal source present at the shoot told the Daily Mail that Tindall’s move was unscriptedContinue reading

The Queen Turns 90, Makes Great-Grandkid Mia Tindall Useful In Adorable Photo

queen elizabeth poses great-grandchildren grandchildren buckingham palace

Annie Leibovitz via Getty Images

The whole point of having children, and then grandchildren (followed by great-grandchildren), is to force them to do sensible things, like carrying heavy packages, and holding your purse during a very important photoshoot.

This is what Her Majesty had Mia Tindall, 2, do for what could be the year’s most famous photo (it’s tied for first with this gem).

“One is doing the Lord’s work. Plus, I was told there’s gum in here.”

Mia Tindall Holds Queen's Purse

Annie Leibovitz via Getty Images

Tindall is the daughter of the Queen’s oldest granddaughter, equestrian Zara Phillips.

Zara and her older brother, Peter (whose two daughters, Savannah and Isla are in the photo) were not given titles because their mother, the Princess Royal, wanted her children raised as normally as possible.  Continue reading