Absolutely Fabulous 2nd Trailer Released, John Hamm Makes Dashing Cameo

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If you’re never seen an episode of Absolutely Fabulous, then shame on you.

You can find the entire series on Hulu, so take that blanket of shame and binge on one the greatest comedy duos of our time.

Jennifer Saunders is taking the show to the big screen, and in the film’s second official trailer (just released today), Patsy Stone and Edina Monsoon find out that Kate Moss is looking for a new publicist.

So, Frick and Frack weasel their way into an A-List party to try and convince her to sign with Eddy.

The two unmade beds spot Lady Moss sitting on a rooftop perch, and make their move.

Pats spots a most delicious Jon Hamm and tells Eddy she’ll help distract and “roll away the Hamm.” 

Hamm can’t believe Patsy is still alive (Pats has experimented with a lot of narcotics).  He actually looks…pained.

All of a sudden, Eddy is pushing throw a crowd to get towards Moss, and before you know it, the model falls off the roof and into the Thames.

Naturally, Eddy and Pats are to blame, so they steal away into the night and land in the South of France, where “everyone’s a criminal!”

Watch out for cameos from Rebel Wilson, Kim Kardashian, Joan Collins, Cara Delevingne, Chris Colfer and Baby Spice.

Watch the second trailer below.

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