Kate Middleton Asked About Her Weight By Well-Meaning Partygoer

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You wait and wait for a soundbite on these tours, expecting it to come from either the Duke or Duchess of Cambridge.

Tonight, that soundbite came from a guest at the Queen’s 90th Birthday Garden Party in New Delhi, who was so delighted to be in the presence of greatness that he plum forgot his manners.

Professor Bulbul Dhar-James, who teaches political science at Jamia Millia Islamia University, thought nothing of asking Her Royal Highness how she keeps it right and tight.

UPDATE 4/11/16 at 7:36pm ET: Twitter user @Hovikirjeenvaih informed me that Professor Bulbul Dhar-James is actually a woman.

“We said ‘how do you lose all the weight after having two kids?’ And she said ‘I am running after my kids,'” the academic said, according to the Daily Mail‘s Rebecca English.

While Catherine’s team was off sampling the gin & tonic bar, Professor Dhar-James continued asking slightly inappropriate questions. 

‘”I asked her ‘aren’t you tired of smiling?’ And she said, ‘I’m just reciprocating. Everyone is so warm.’

“They were both really gracious,” she added.  “She was so welcoming and warm. We told her ‘You look much better in person than in your photographs.'”

It’s impossible to scoff at someone so excited to have met the Cambridges.  Blame it on the language barrier, or the nerves, but whatever you do, don’t blame it on Professor Dhar-James.  She’ll get enough grief from his students this week.

kate middleton temperley london top skirt new delhi garden party

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William and Catherine were excellent sports at the party, held at the British High Commissioner’s home.  Catherine wore a beaded top and skirt by Temperley London, which – according to People‘s Monique Jessen – is sold exclusively on Net-a-Porter.

My sister informed me that she was disappointed by a misleading US Weekly headline inviting her to see Catherine’s “crop top.”

kate middleton temperley london close-up garden party new delhi

Mark Large – Pool/Getty Images

Perhaps someday Kendall Jenner will help the crop top realize its midriff dream.

Catherine’s shoes, according to What Kate Wore, may be Gianvito Rossi’s CrissCross Ankle-Wrap Suede Sandals (on sale for $419 at Bergdorf Goodman), but it’s hard to tell since we can’t see past the foot.

And judging by the number of suede sandals GR makes, it could prove hard to confirm with the designer’s help.

If I’m not mistaken, Catherine has worn her chandelier earrings at least once before, most recently to the Queen’s Christmas luncheon in December 2014.

I double-checked with the flawless minds behind What Kate Wore and My Small Obsessions, and the earrings have, in fact, been in circulation for some time now.

Earlier in the day, William and Catherine undertook an engagement in Mumbai before flying over to New Delhi.

prince william drives stationary car mumbai

Heathcliff O’Malley-Pool/Getty Images

kate middleton emilia wickstead midi dress mumbai

Heathcliff O’Malley-Pool/Getty Images

This called for only one outfit, a cream midi dress by Emilia Wickstead, paired with Rupert Sanderson 4-inch heels in “Pink Lady” (seen here in white), a blush rose bag by Mulberry and Cassandra Goad earrings.

Catherine suffered a bit of an upskirt issue while laying a wreath at a war memorial at India Gate while the “Last Post” played.

kate middleton upskirt india gate wreath laying ceremoy

Dominic Lipinski – Pool/Getty Images

‘Twas a bit infuriating for royal fans who wish she would heed the Queen’s advice and have a few weights sewn into the hem.

prince william kate middleton walk birla house new delhi

Ian Vogler – Pool/Getty Images

Still, she looked darling as heck, and totally serene for a visit to Old Birla House, where Mahatma Gandhi lived before he was assassinated in 1948.

The couple removed their shoes and walked to the garden where Gandhi was shot, spreading rose petals everywhere.

The Duke and Duchess will return to the UK on Saturday, after visiting the Taj Mahal, where his mother, the late Princess of Wales took a famously solo photo in 1992.

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