Mia Tindall Went Off-Script, Randomly Grabbed Queen’s Handbag For Photo

Mia Tindall Holds Queen's Purse

Annie Leibovitz via Getty Images

Prince George may have stolen the show yesterday, but today it was Princess Anne’s granddaughter, Mia Tindall who had everyone asking, “who’s the toddler holding Her Majesty’s purse?”

Annie Leibovitz shot a photo of the Queen with two of her youngest grandchildren – Lady Louise Windsor and James, Viscount Severn – and five great-grandchildren.

While Princess Charlotte sat on the monarch’s lap, 2-year-old Tindall looked quite pleased with herself as she held great-granny’s $1400 Launer purse.

A royal source present at the shoot told the Daily Mail that Tindall’s move was unscripted

“The moment with Mia was completely spontaneous, it was not staged at all. She just picked up her great-granny’s handbag and that was it,” the source said.

queen elizabeth poses great-grandchildren grandchildren buckingham palace

Annie Leibovitz via Getty Images

The afternoon was described as “happy” and “chaotic,” with the Queen’s grandchildren present to make sure their own kids were smiling for the camera.

‘It was a happy, nice, relaxed afternoon. There was a lovely feeling to it. All the parents were helping to get the shot right – a classic composition, rather like an Old Master but with a modern twist.”

“Taking pictures of children is like herding cats but for that split second, it just worked,” the source said, giving credit to Leibowitz for knowing exactly how to work with kids.

“There was a very definite idea behind the set,” a royal aide explained.

“The Queen wanted a portrait of the youngest members of the family, the other end of the generational spectrum.

“You have the two youngest grandchildren, who are quite a lot younger than the others, and the great-grandchildren.”

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