Royal Wedding Rewind: Kate Middleton Wanted Flowers In Her Hair, Camilla Said No

kate middleton laura parker bowles wedding 2006

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I have SO many thoughts about this.

First off, this coming Friday marks five years since the royal wedding.

To celebrate the union of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, it’s key that we remember moments leading up to and during the greatest live event of our time.

Fans (me) were insatiable when it came to wedding plans for April 29th, 2011.

Who would design Catherine’s dress?  What would her and William’s titles be?  Are there really going to be trees inside Westminster Abbey (my father’s question)?

Reporter Catherine Ostler penned a most intriguing story for the Daily Mail, in which the Duchess of Cornwall was (allegedly) trying  to convince Catherine to wear a tiara for her nuptials.

Camilla Duchess Cornwall Boucheron Tiara State Opening Parliament

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“The latest battleground is that Camilla is said to be desperate to persuade the bride to wear a tiara — even asking friends to intervene on her behalf — because Kate is said to be considering wearing flowers in her hair,” Ostler wrote at the time.

It’s worth pointing out here that few women in this day and age have a justifiable reason to wear a tiara.  A real, historically-rich, priceless tiara that wasn’t purchased in a bridal shop.

And here was Catherine, opting instead for a few flowers to pop in her (albeit gorgeous) hair, a la Fergie at her 1986 nuptials (which looked ridiculous, PS).

You’ll notice that since the wedding, Catherine has only worn a tiara three times; twice to diplomatic receptions (below in 2012), and once to the 2015 Chinese State dinner.

kate middleton tiara diplomatic reception london 2013

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“While Charles and Camilla have no wish to be seen as extravagant or out of touch, they believe there is a level of formality and grandeur beneath which a royal wedding must not sink,” Oster wrote.

“To a certain extent, they [William and Catherine] want to have a royal wedding, be like their friends and be ‘of the people’ — something that Camilla would regard as trying to have their royal wedding cake and eating it.”

I side with Camilla on this one.

“Though Kate is not averse to headgear — after all, she single-handedly triggered a renaissance in the feathered headpieces called fascinators — she knows her long, glossy hair competes with her legs as being her stand-out feature,” Ostler continued. 

Kate Middleton Alice Temperley Gown St. Andrews Dinner London

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“There is the danger, of course, that a tiara can look aging. They also flatten the hair.”


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Ostler then wrote out what everyone else was think:

“And yet tiara enthusiasts would be furious if Kate passes up the unique opportunity to choose from the finest and most historic royal jewellery collection in the world.”


Thankfully, Catherine ended up wearing the Cartier Halo Tiara, which thoroughly pleased the masses.

cartier halo tiara buckingham palace display

Lewis Whyld/WPA Pool/ Getty Images

 Fun Facts:

  • The tiara is made from 739 brilliant-cut diamonds and 149 baguette-cut diamonds, styled into petals.
  • The piece was commissioned by King George VI in 1936 for Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, when they were still the Duke and Duchess of York.
  • The Queen Mother gifted the tiara to her daughter, Queen Elizabeth II on her 18th birthday.
  • The tiara has been worn by Princess Margaret and Princess Anne, before being lent to Catherine as her “something borrowed.”

What is your favorite memory from the royal wedding? Leave a comment below!

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