Kate Middleton May Have Experienced Her Very First Fashion Fail

kate middleton red coat royal windsor horse show

Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Good heavens!

JK, everyone calm down.  It’s fine.  The Duchess of Cambridge may or may not have confused fans last night at the Royal Windsor Horse Show when she paired a bohemian white lace Dolce & Gabbana dress with a red Zara cape coat.

Yes, it looked a little weird, but my rose-colored glasses have faded only slightly, so I still give Catherine two thumbs up on the majority of her sartorial choices. 

kate middleton red zara coat dolce gabbana dress royal windsor horse show

Chris Jackson/Getty Images

What I saw: A princess of the United Kingdom dressed for a long journey through rugged terrain.  Her cape was durable enough to protect the $5,995 dress underneath from getting caught on a branch.

What everyone else likely saw: The Duchess of Cambridge taking the high street/high fashion look too far with a boxy coat and flowy dress.

“Where’s her flower crown?” naysayers would ask sarcastically.

What Kate Wore‘s Susan Kelley offered up a very reasonable (and very cute) explanation for the apparent mismatch.

“Kate does the mixing of high/low labels so well that seeing her out of character pairing the swing jacket and the lace dress was a surprise,” Kelley told People Magazine.

“It had me wondering if there might have been a minor domestic disaster of the baby kind? Perhaps a close encounter with George or Charlotte?”

What a lark!  George got ahold of the D&G and now mum has to cover it with a cape.

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“Clearly, none of the nattering from fashion followers mattered one whit to those fond of Kate’s style – the ‘Kate Effect’ was in full force!”

Too right.  At first glance I thought the pairing was a little odd, but it struck me more as a creative than a fashion fail.

What did you think of Catherine’s look from last night’s Royal Windsor Horse Show?

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