Kate Middleton’s Nickname For Prince William Is So Normal, It’s Adorable

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We’ve all seen the googly eyes Catherine makes at her dashing hubby, and we’ve heard rumors over the years pertaining to what the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge call one another behind closed doors.

When News of The World illegally tapped into the couple’s voicemails in 2006, Prince William was heard calling Catherine “babykins” and “baby.”

I’ve even heard Catherine’s nickname for the Duke – “Big Willy” – mentioned a few times, but even repeating it this once makes me feel like a creep.

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On May 23rd, Babykins and BW attended their first-ever Chelsea Flower Show, which highlights the best of the best in horticulture.

While strolling through the grounds, the Cambridges and Prince Harry happened upon a display designed by Australian TV presenter and landscaper, Charlie Albone. 

According to the Daily Mail, the Aussie told a local morning show that he got the royal trio’s attention by saying to them, “How ya going?” an informal greeting native to the country.

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Prince William inspected Albone’s arrangement and asked, “What flower is this one?”

When Albone told him it was a “Buxus,” Her Royal Highness reminded him that their properties were full of ’em.

“Princess Catherine just turned to him and said, ‘Babe, we’ve got those.   We’ve got loads of those,” Albone told Today anchors Karl Stefanovic and Lisa Wilkinson via satellite.

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“Kate actually called him “babe” did she!?” Wilkinson asked.

I can’t blame Wilkinson.  It’s so strange when royals behave normally.  It’s like seeing a hamster direct traffic.

It also makes sense that the Cambridges have loads of Buxus, as they are quite regal and remind one of a royal garden (think the Queen of Hearts’ gardens in Alice in Wonderland)

Albone also pointed out how awesome/amazing/fantastic/wonderful it was to meet Prince Harry, calling him “the nicest, down-to-earth bloke.”

In other Cambridge news, William and Catherine sent out thank-you cards to those who wished them a happy 5th anniversary on April 29th.

Royal photographer Paul Ratcliffe shared his via Twitter, which features a never-before-seen photo of the Duke and Duchess in – where else- a garden.

Members of the royal family are quite good at acknowledging letters from the public, both at home and abroad.

William and Catherine sent thank-you notes to well-wishers after the birth of their two children, and their 2011 marriage, for example.

The Queen is especially diligent about notes she receives, and responds via her ladies-in-waiting.

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Sending a letter to a member of the royal family is quite easy, really.  The monarchy’s newly redesigned site shows users exactly how to make sure the right person gets their letter.

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