Queen Maxima: 38 Fabulous Hats To Celebrate Her Majesty’s Birthday

queen maxima hat collage netherlands

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Queen Maxima of the Netherlands is, for me, right up there with the Duchess of Cambridge and Crown Princess Mary.

Yes, all three women have that crucial “commoner” thing in common, but aside from that, Maxima always looks happy to see everyone, be they a small child thrusting flowers in Her Majesty’s face, or a bellhop greeting her at a German hotel.

Today, the Buenos Aires-born consort turns 45, three years after becoming Queen alongside the Netherlands’ monarch and her husband, King Willem-Alexander.

queen maxima sparkly dress receives flowers munich

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In 2013, Queen Beatrix abdicated in favor of her eldest son, and a celebration was thrown in honor of the passing of the crown.  The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall attended, as did several other royal families from around the world. 

In 199, Maxima was working at a New York investment firm when she met Willem-Alexander at the Seville Spring Fair in Spain.  Like Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark, Willem-Alexander didn’t initially reveal that he was a prince.

The couple announced their engagement two years later before marrying in 2002.

Maxima not only became a Dutch citizen, but learned the language of her adopted home country, as she would one day be its Queen (she does, however, retain dual citizenship between the Netherlands and Argentina).

Maxima has three girls with Willem-Alexander, is an advocate for LGBT rights and works with the UN in matters of achieving financial success for developing countries.

She also has the best collection of headware I have ever seen.  Let’s peruse them, shall we?

  1. There are giant safety pins in the back!
queen maxima bright pink dress light pink hat king's day 2016

Andreas Rentz/Getty ImagesRedefining the shape of a headband

2. Redefining the structure of a headband (and feeling mighty good about it).

queen maxima grey headband visits leerorkest learning orchestra

Michel Porro/Getty Images

3. Ooooh #backshot

queen maxima back shot grey headband leerorkest learning orchestra

Michel Porro/Getty Images

4. Wide-brimmed hats FTW.  Bonus points for dramatic brim flips.

queen maxima wine coat holding flowers wide-brim hat

Michel Porro/Getty Images

5 . Sometimes a little netting and feathers is all the flair one needs.

queen maxima grey top floral black headband former mining region visit

Michel Porro/Getty Images

6. Brim flip with without the wide edge.  Genius!

queen maxima grey wide brim hat new visitor center netherlands

Michel Porro/Getty Images

7. 21st century pillbox, topped off with pearl earrings and a necklace because D.C./Jackie Kennedy.

queen maxima white and black dress black pillbox hat washington dc

Win McNamee/Getty Images

8.  Subtle and delicate.

queen maxima waves delicate light pink hat drop earrings zoetermeer

Michel Porro/Getty Images

9. “Don’t you love how this brim flips up? I can see you all without even touching my hat!”

queen maxima orange shirt wide brim black hat visits stenden college

Michel Porro/Getty Images

10. 21st century pillbox tilt.

queen maxima yellow coat yellow hat opens micropia museum

Michel Porro/Getty Images

11.  “Mad-hattering today because I had too much fun at last night’s tea party. And by tea I mean wine.”

queen maxima floral dress pink hat sunglasses king willem alexnader den oever


12. “Shh, I’m picking up a signal.”

queen maxima black wire hat national museum poland

Adam Nurkiewicz/Getty Images

13. The purchase of a hat with the ability to block out unsavory strumpets, while allowing you to show off your diamond drop earrings is a purchase well-made.

queen maxima drop earrings pink dress wide brim hat warsaw

Adam Nurkiewicz/Getty Images

14. “It’s almost as if the hat is in the background, but it’s not!  Isn’t that marvelous?” she said to no one in particular.

king willem alexander queen maxima pink hat museum schloss moyland

Sander KONING/AFP/Getty Images

15. “I was feeling very Julia Roberts in that hooker movie the Americans love.  Minus the hooker part.”

queen maxima black white wide brim hat oldenburg

Alexander Koerner/Getty Images

16. The wraparound design of this hat is ON. FLEEK.

queen maxima smiles cream outfit cream hat blond hair Ulft.


17.  I don’t believe anyone’s ever made burlap look so chic.

queen maxima light blue dress champagne head piece king's day 2014

Michel Porro/Getty Images

18.  “Pardon me, but the background here is clashing with my hat. Might you send someone in here to fix this?  Like, now?”

queen maxima plum dress vibrant hat italy

Giorgio Cosulich/Getty Images

19. “Wasn’t feeling very hat-ish, but you could hardly tell.”

queen maxima grey coat orange flower lapel grey hat

Michel Porro/Getty Images

20. What happens when you glue pencil shavings on to a saucer. 

king willem-alexander queen maxima sunglasses pink hat curacao

Getty Images

21.  Another wraparound FTW!

queen maxima laughs collects orange roses red outfit red hat zoetermeer

Michel Porro/Getty Images

22.  There she goes again, making hippie fabric look chic AF.

queen maxima laughs champagne hat suit king willem-alexander laugh zaandam

Michel Porro/Getty Images

23. Favorite hat walking.

queen maxima veiled navy blue hat stuttgart

Daniel Kopatsch/Getty Images

24. Shoot, maybe this one is my favorite.

Queen Maxima white dress cream hat king willem-alexander clap hands germany

Hannelore Foerster/Getty Images

25. Watch the hat.  The pins are no joke.

back shot of queen maxima straw hat netherlands

Michel Porro/Getty Images

26. “Which wedding is this again?  The Lannoy girl?”

princess maxima feather hat prince willem-alexander luxembourg royal wedding.

Sean Gallup/Getty Images

27. Wraparound pillbox hat > dry shampoo.

princess maxima pink outfit pink hat prince willem-alexander queen maxima

Ralf Juergens/Getty Images

28. “Dear guest book.  I’m especially in love with today’s headpiece because it nearly blends in with my hair, but not really.  Lovely to be here.  How are you?”

princess maxima signs golden book essen

Ulrik Eichentopf-Pool/Getty Images

29.  “It’s amazing what you can do with a glue gun and washer rings.”

queen maxima silver hat reception saxony prime minister stanislaw tillich

Pool/Getty Images

30.  “My hat and I enjoyed this performance most thoroughly.”

princess maxima attends performance circus mondeo

Guido Ohlenbostel-Pool/Getty Images

31.  “Deplaning was an absolute nightmare with this headpiece.   This is a pained smile I’m giving you all.”

princess maxima arrives adlon hotel berlin waves

Sean Gallup/Getty Images

32. “I am FEELIN’ myself today.”

princess maxima grey outfit queen beatrix prince willem-alexander marriage prince carlos de bourbon

Mark Renders/Getty Images

33. “Greetings youth.  Thoughts on the hat?”

queen maxima king willem alexander say farewell new zealand orange outfit

Sandra Mu/Getty Images

34. “I found the help sewing with this and asked them to fashion it into something lovely. “

queen maxima orange flat hat opens sculpture exhibition

Michel Porro/Getty Images

35. “Read my lips.  Get it?! Why aren’t you laughing?”

queen maxima green top lip like hat

AFP/ ANP/PIROSCHKA VAN Piroschka van de Wouw/AFP/Getty Images

36. “The sturdiness of this chic hat allows for my hand to be accosted while the hair remains in place.  It’s really quite remarkable.”

queen maxima shakes hands crowds nuremberg

Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

37. “Thank you for letting me stand here, darling.  It’s most important that my hat not impale you.

king willem alexander queen maxima painting germany

Willi Schneider – Pool/Getty Images

38.  “Does this cruise ship make my hat look small?”

queen maxima blue hat christens cruise ship rotterdam

Michel Porro/Getty Images

Which one of these hats is your favorite?  Leave a comment!

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