Queen Elizabeth: 8 Times Her Majesty Looked Supremely Bored

queen elizabeth stares ahead lion exhibit london zoo

Arthur Edwards – WPA Pool/Getty Images

Even rulers have moments when all they want to do is kick back with a libation, turn on his or her favorite TV program, and space out.

So, Her Majesty can be forgiven for looking less than thrilled on occasion.

You try ruling through 60+ years of hot mess after hot mess and tell me those eyes don’t glaze over from time to time! 

  1. “WTF am I looking at? I’d ask, but I just kind of want to take the hamper and go home.”

her majesty duchess cornwall duchess cambridge visit fortnum mason


2. “Let’s wrap this up.  I’ve already done the whole ‘Olympics’ thing.”

queen elizabeth looks bored checks nails olympics opening ceremony










3. “It’s 1986 all over again with this one.”

queen elizabeth lime green coat tells william stand up trooping colour

Bored Panda










4. “That’s not your name?  Goodness, how embarrassing for you.”

Queen elizabeth makes face talking to guests









5. “Right. Coronation done.  Now just have to rule a few countries and realms for the next billion years.”

queen applauds end of coronation photos 1953









6. “Hi ginge.  Did we forget to bathe after tying one on last night?”

prince harry greets queen elizabeth II bows prince george christening 2013







7. “It goes on this way, I think.”

queen elizabeth II puts on the imperial state crown










8. “Yes.  Hello.  Hi.  Here we are.”

queen elizabeth II waves balcony pink outfit


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