Dave Benett’s Instagram Reveals The Golden Age of Celeb Photos

Princess Diana Blue Versace Gown Sydney Entertainment Centre

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London-based Dave Benett has been photographing celebrities and royalty since the eighties.  While he  initially stuck to news and sports when he started his career in the 1970s, Benett moved on to the highly entertaining world of the London party scene.

Benett told HELLO! that reps laid out the ground rules before giving him the go-head to snap their clients.  “They said, ‘You have eight seconds to photograph them’, and that’s what we did. And they’re giggling and laughing and having a great time.”

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The Definitive Ranking of Kate Middleton’s Coats

Best Coats Worn by Kate Middleton

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Few things in this world give me hope more than the Duchess of Cambridge‘s coats, save for babies, good deeds, puppies and the kindness of strangers.  

Back to the coats.

I first got a whiff of her penchant for an impeccably tailored bit of magic in June 2011, when Catherine visited Victoria Barracks wearing a navy Alexander McQueen coat.  It fit her lithe body like a glove and commanded attention despite its subtle design.

Things just escalated from there, to the point where I would clap if she wore my favorite coat more than once (@WhatKateWore and @JanetNorCal pick up what I’m throwing down, re: #1)

Ranking my favorite coats was a challenge, and it’s difficult not to go back and rearrange my decisions.  There are those that didn’t make the cut, which will spark a lively debate on whether or not I am fit to speak about such things.  

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Kate Middleton Hats 2014

Best of 2014: Kate Middleton’s Hats

Kate Middleton Hats 2014

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We Americans are missing out on the hat game.  Since she started dating Prince William, the Duchess of Cambridge has done a bang-up job of wearing the most delightful headwear to weddings and daytime engagements (Eug and Bea, take note).

One doubts that the potato chip hat worn to Zara Phillips‘ July 2011 wedding can be beat, but 2014 saw a bunch of new millinery designs that one approves of.  Continue reading