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24 Times Carole Middleton Showed She Was The Winningest Mom In Maternal History

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Not since Lady Margaret Beaufort has England seen a woman so sharp, so clever and so focused on her family’s success,.

Carole Middleton, she of coal miners descent, has managed to marry off one kid to a future monarch, and the other to a financier who has not only made a lot of money, but is also very protective of his privacy.

You want to resent Carole, but it’s difficult given that she’s great at keeping quiet and is quick to silence/cut off any family member or friend who gives away too much goss about her brood.

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Plus, she gave Catherine the best advice ever when William broke up with her in 2007: Don’t sit at home and cry into a pint of ice cream.

Get a spray tan, hit the nightclubs and show him what he’s missing.

And it worked, damn it.  Continue reading