Pippa Middleton and Her Engagement Ring Help Raise Money On BGC Charity Day

pippa middleton phone call bgc charity day 2016

Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images

Hurrah for charity and the spirit of giving and betrothals!

Pippa Middleton made her debut at BGC Charity Day in London’s Canary Wharf on September 12th, put on by BGC Partners and Cantor Fitzgerald in New York to raise money for the Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund.

pippa middleton two phones bcg global charity day 2016

Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images

The annual day remembers the 658 Cantor employees and 61 Eurobrokers who perished in the September 11th attacks at the World Trade Center.

“Charity Day is our way of turning a tragic day into one that is positive and uplifting by helping others,” BGC stated on its site.  Continue reading

Absolutely Fabulous 2nd Trailer Released, John Hamm Makes Dashing Cameo

joanna lumley champagne edina monsoon british fashion awards 2015

Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

If you’re never seen an episode of Absolutely Fabulous, then shame on you.

You can find the entire series on Hulu, so take that blanket of shame and binge on one the greatest comedy duos of our time.

Jennifer Saunders is taking the show to the big screen, and in the film’s second official trailer (just released today), Patsy Stone and Edina Monsoon find out that Kate Moss is looking for a new publicist.

So, Frick and Frack weasel their way into an A-List party to try and convince her to sign with Eddy.

The two unmade beds spot Lady Moss sitting on a rooftop perch, and make their move.

Pats spots a most delicious Jon Hamm and tells Eddy she’ll help distract and “roll away the Hamm.”  Continue reading

Dave Benett’s Instagram Reveals The Golden Age of Celeb Photos

Princess Diana Blue Versace Gown Sydney Entertainment Centre

Splash News

London-based Dave Benett has been photographing celebrities and royalty since the eighties.  While he  initially stuck to news and sports when he started his career in the 1970s, Benett moved on to the highly entertaining world of the London party scene.

Benett told HELLO! that reps laid out the ground rules before giving him the go-head to snap their clients.  “They said, ‘You have eight seconds to photograph them’, and that’s what we did. And they’re giggling and laughing and having a great time.”

His secret?  Continue reading

Edian Zebra Coat Patsy Absolutely Fabulous

Jennifer Saunders Has Finished the ‘Ab Fab’ Movie Script

Edian Zebra Coat Patsy Absolutely Fabulous


Bless 2015, for it could very well bring us the one thing we resolved to wish for.

British comedienne Jennifer Saunders, she of Absolutely Fabulous and Viva Forever fame (ignore the latter’s scathing reviews) has finished a first draft for the movie version of Ab Fab, the hugely successful BBC comedy that premiered in 1992 and came back for a few anniversary episodes in 2012.  Continue reading

George Clooney ITV Downton Abbey Spoof

George Clooney Gives ‘Downton Abbey’ Quite a Scare

George Clooney ITV Downton Abbey Spoof


Downton Abbey imagined a world in which Lord Grantham (and his stupid decisions) didn’t exist, and I must say I much prefer order on the estate as opposed to what might have been.

In a parody produced by ITV to raise money for different charities, Lord Grantham receives a telegram confirming that yet another investment has gone sour.  He considers going for a drive to off himself, but is met by Patsy Stone the Angel (played by Joanna Lumley in a fantastic white pant suit).  Continue reading