Throwback Bang! Bang! Camilla Takes Aim At Crown Princess Mary On 2012 Set Visit

Julian Parker-WPA Pool/Getty Images

Julian Parker-WPA Pool/Getty Images

This. Is. A. GAS.

In March 2012, the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall undertook a Diamond Jubilee tour of Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

duchess cornwall laugh pulls gun crown princess mary denmark the killing set

Julian Parker-WPA Pool/Getty Images

Since Camilla was a huge of fan of the Danish version of The Killing, a special set trip was scheduled for her final day in Copenhagen.

duchess cornwall points gun sofie grabol the kiling

Julian Parker-WPA Pool/Getty Images

“It was me all along!” Camilla joked as she pointed actress Sofie Grabol’s prop gun. Continue reading

Absolutely Fabulous 2nd Trailer Released, John Hamm Makes Dashing Cameo

joanna lumley champagne edina monsoon british fashion awards 2015

Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

If you’re never seen an episode of Absolutely Fabulous, then shame on you.

You can find the entire series on Hulu, so take that blanket of shame and binge on one the greatest comedy duos of our time.

Jennifer Saunders is taking the show to the big screen, and in the film’s second official trailer (just released today), Patsy Stone and Edina Monsoon find out that Kate Moss is looking for a new publicist.

So, Frick and Frack weasel their way into an A-List party to try and convince her to sign with Eddy.

The two unmade beds spot Lady Moss sitting on a rooftop perch, and make their move.

Pats spots a most delicious Jon Hamm and tells Eddy she’ll help distract and “roll away the Hamm.”  Continue reading

Bridget Jones’s Baby: Watch The First Trailer

bridget jones mark darcy bridget jones's baby

Daily Mail/Universal

First off, let me just say “Hurrah!” for the third installment of my favorite franchise (more so the books, because the movie version  Bridget Jones’s Diary: The Edge of Reason was slightly crap.  Love the first film, though).

Second, the movie doesn’t appear to follow the same storyline as Helen Fieldings’ book, Bridget’s Jones: Mad About The Boy.  This may well be because of Mark Darcy’s fate in the book would have deterred audiences from seeing a movie version.

Instead, the first trailer from the Daily Mail shows Bridget (Renee Zellweger) caught between Darcy (Colin Firth) and a dreamy American, played by Patrick Dempsey.

Bridg finds herself knocked up, and isn’t 100% exactly who the father is.  Continue reading

‘Cinderella’ Spoof Trailer Reminds Us That Life Is Not A Fairytale

Cinderella Nightgown Birds Wake Her Up


Oh Fantasia Barrino.  You hit the nail on the head when you wrote that book.  Life really isn’t a fairytale.  Neither party lived happily ever after once they stepped into that state landau, did they?  Did we not learn anything from The Real Housewives of Disney?

Screen Junkies are doing the Lord’s work with their series, Honest Trailers, which teaches youngsters that the bedtime stories aren’t what they seem, this time with Cinderella.

Princess, Duchess and consort hopefuls are faced with real talk as the trailer explains why Cindy should have been picked up by Child Services years ago, and that mice are capable of more than just house infestation.  Continue reading

Edian Zebra Coat Patsy Absolutely Fabulous

Jennifer Saunders Has Finished the ‘Ab Fab’ Movie Script

Edian Zebra Coat Patsy Absolutely Fabulous


Bless 2015, for it could very well bring us the one thing we resolved to wish for.

British comedienne Jennifer Saunders, she of Absolutely Fabulous and Viva Forever fame (ignore the latter’s scathing reviews) has finished a first draft for the movie version of Ab Fab, the hugely successful BBC comedy that premiered in 1992 and came back for a few anniversary episodes in 2012.  Continue reading