A Diary of One’s Royal Stay In Palm Springs

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Since becoming a California resident, Palm Springs has been a place of refuge for yours truly.  Some say the desert is a healing, peaceful place.  Even if you’re not into that holistic language (in the words of Avery Jessup, “hippie nonsense”) Palms Springs is SUPER.

Last weekend, The Palm Springs Bureau of Tourism invited me to take a look at the royal family’s history with Sunnylands, the estate of Ambassador Walter and Leonore Annenberg (more on that in a separate post).

I stayed at the newly renovated Colt’s Lodge, a boutique hotel co- owned by interior designer Jon Nelson and theater veteran Frank Young.  Each of the spacious 11 rooms on the property has a different theme, personally designed by Nelson.

Colt's Lodge Fountain

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You wouldn’t know it from the outside, but once you step through a glorious entrance and on to the property, you’re immediately transported into a lush oasis featuring sky-high palm trees, flowers, desert plants, sculptures and a gorgeous fountain that I tried very hard not to jump into (there’s a crystal-clear pool in which to do such a thing).  Continue reading