Prince George and Princess Charlotte Pull Off The Most Dignified of Photoshoots

Prince George's Photogenic Face

Hurrah!  The throne’s third-in-line held #4 in his arms as the Duchess of Cambridge captured their first moments as an heir and a consipiring spare brother and sister.  Prince George, wearing his Rachel Riley cord shirt and short set (an outfit repeater just like mum), helped his two-month-old sister, Princess Charlotte pose for photos.  Charlotte was dressed in Irulea,  reportedly a gift from her nanny, Maria Borrallo’s mother, according to What Kate’s Kids Wore.

Kensington Palace released a set of four photos at 9pm GMT yesterday, each one taken by Catherine, who is an amateur photographer

1. The Something-Doesn’t-Smell-Right


Charlotte: “Sorry, everyone.  That was me.  My bad.”

George: “Can someone please take this. I’m about to get sick all over my knee socks.”   Continue reading