Princess Margaret: The Court Jeweller Highlights Her Most Captivating Jewelry

princess margaret necklace attends charity ball 1955

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Princess Margaret was Queen Elizabeth’s younger sister and the second daughter of King George VI.

Margarget’s presence was arguably as commanding  (and intimidating) as Her Majesty.  Her life was filled with flash and excitement, and she ran with a very trendy set of people.  The stories of her jewelry are almost as interesting as the life she led.

princess margaret smiles arrives England tour of Canada

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I’ve asked my favorite jewelry blogger, The Court Jeweller, to explain the stories behind some of Princess Margaret’s jewelry

What is your favorite piece of jewelry owned by Margaret?

It’s so tough to pick one piece! I love the Lotus Flower Tiara, which is now worn by the Duchess of Cambridge, and the gorgeous diamond and sapphire bandeau.


But I think I’m going to go with the set of diamond floral brooches given to her by her husband, Lord Snowdon. The set is really versatile and can be worn in lots of various configurations.  Continue reading

Meeting The Royals: The Art of A Proper Curtsy

Angelina Jolie Meets Queen Elizabeth Honorary Damehood

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Though it’s not mandatory to bow or curtsy to the Queen or a member of the royal family, many do it out of respect.  And though it’s not limited to the United Kingdom and Commonwealth realms, it is rare to see an American do it.

It’s a grand old gesture, and one that’s been practiced for as long as there has been a monarchy.  The Queen’s family always greets her first with a kiss, then with a bow or curtsy, which is absolutely fascinating to watch.  Continue reading