The Crown: Netflix Releases Brand New Trailer For Its Most Expensive Series Yet

claire foy queen elizabeth george iv diadem the crown


Today, the second official trailer for Netflix’s original series, The Crown was released, delving further into the early days of Elizabeth II’s reign.

The preview opens in February 1952  with a royal aide asking Her Majesty what her “regnal name” will be as monarch.

“Let’s not overcomplicate matters unnecessarily,” Elizabeth, played fantastically by Claire Foy, said brusquely.

It was a somber moment, since Elizabeth’s promotion meant that her father, King George VI had passed away at the family’s Sandringham estate.

royal standard lowered the crown


Prince Philip (played by Doctor Who‘s Matt Smith), had to break the news to his wife while the couple was in Kenya.    Continue reading

Maggie Smith Would Like Her Emmy, Jimmy Kimmel

downton abbey dowager countess gives a look

On September 18th, the 68th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards took place in Los Angeles.

Among the nominees was Dame Maggie Smith, who played the Dowager Countess on Downton Abbey for six seasons.

At the start of the show, host Jimmy Kimmel made up a new rule for any winner who wasn’t present to receive his or her Emmy.

“If you don’t know, Maggie Smith, she’s been nominated for the Emmy nine times. She’s won the Emmy three times,” Kimmel told the audience.  Continue reading

The Dowager Countess: 13 of Her Best ‘Downton Abbey’ Zingers

downton abbey dowager countess gives a look

Cousin Violet is a sage and stable port in the storm, according to me.

When we were first introduced to the Dowager Countess in 2010, many of us saw a stuffy, outdated old broad who was too stuck in her ways.

Not so, we’ve discovered.  Her Ladyship was perhaps one of the show’s most forward-thinking characters; shse assisted Lady Edith with her unplanned pregnancy, helped Dr. Clarkson soften the blow to Lady Cora regarding the cause of Sybil’s death (even though it was all Robert’s fault for trusting a new doctor), and told Lady Mary to stop being an a–hole and confess her true feelings to Cousin Matthew.

And so, as the sun sets in America on the final episode of Downton Abbey, we remember that quick wit and sassy attitude that made the Dowager Countess an international, timeless treasure.  Continue reading

Anna Bates Says The Most Frightful Thing to Kate Middleton

kate middleton joanne froggatt michelle dockery downton abbey set

Splash News

On March 12th, 2015, the Duchess of Cambridge visited Ealing Studios, where the ITV hit, Downton Abbey was filming its sixth and final season.

Joanne Froggatt, who played lady’s maid Anna Bates, recalled meeting Her Royal Highness to Conan O’Brien on January 21st.

Everything was going well, Froggatt explained, until she unwittingly made a remark that could have been interpreted as dirty.

Catherine watched as Froggatt and Michelle Dockery (Lady Mary) filmed a scene in Mary’s bedroom.

“She walked in the room and Michelle and I had to carry on this scene, so before we actually said hello we had to act right in front of her,” Froggatt told O’Brien.

“It was a little bit nerve-racking and I got a bit jittery.  She came over to say ‘hi’ afterwards and I said, ‘Hello, lovely to meet you.'”

Catherine noted that it was “strange” being in Mary’s bedroom.  Continue reading

10 Very Important Questions For ‘The Mindy Project’s’ Chris Schleicher

Chris Schleicher instagram photos

Instagram/Chris Schleicher

Once upon a time on Instagram I started following Chris Schleicher, a writer on one of my favorite shows, The Mindy Project (season 3 now streaming on Hulu).  After scrolling through every one of his photos (a tribute to Her Majesty, reviews of Grace of Monaco), I decided to track Schleicher down for an interview.  It’s not very often one finds a sitcom writer who’s almost as enamored with royalty as oneself.

The Harvard graduate and former competitive pairs figure skater was a good sport, and even played a jolly good game of Shag-Marry-Kill, Windsor edition.

1. When and how did the stars align to bring you to ‘The Mindy Project’ (“San Francisco Bae” is my favorite episode, BTW)?

I was hired on The Mindy Project in 2013 at the beginning of Season 2. Mindy and her team were aware of my writing through Twitter and my shows at the UCB Theatre, so when they were looking for new writers, they asked for my samples. I submitted my original pilot about figure skating called On Thin Ice (based on my real-life experience as a competitive figure skater). They liked it and invited me to meet with them.

After a very nerve-wracking interview where I think I described the plot of every single episode of Mary Tyler Moore, they made the insane decision to hire me. I’m now in the middle of my third season on the show and I absolutely love it there.  Continue reading

Elizabeth McGovern Shares Photos From ‘Downton Abbey’s Last Days of Filming

elizabeth mcgovern hugs michelle dockery filming downton abbey

Elizabeth McGovern/Twitter

Filming for the sixth and final season of ITV’s Downton Abbey is winding down, and cast members are sharing some fantastic photos from the set via Twitter.

Elizabeth McGovern‘s post will give you the feels, so I’ll let it sit with you for a moment:

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Hatty Preston Wears A Glittering Crow, Wins MVP of ‘Royals’ Premiere Party

Hatty Preston Lead Image The Royals Premiere Party UK

James Higgins / Splash News

This chick right here makes me believe in all that glitters.  Her name is Hatty Preston and she plays one half of the faux-York sisters on E!’s The Royals.

While everyone else was acting all sexual and sultry inside the UK premiere party last night (which is fine), Preston put on a jumpsuit, donned a fascinator by Daniel Vi Le and some yellow shoes, and sauntered right up to that step-and-repeat.  Good on ya, Preston.  Continue reading

‘The Royals:’ Why Alexandra Park Loves Playing Princess Eleanor

Alexandra park split lead image the duchess diary interview

Splash News, E!

Whether or not you think that last Sunday’s premiere of The Royals lived up to its hype, there’s no question that one character in particular completely captured our attention.  Princess Eleanor, played by Alexandra Park, was equal parts disastrous and beautiful in episode one, showcasing both a rough exterior and a vulnerability that left the viewer wondering if they loved her, hated her or felt sorry for her (or all three).

I spoke to Park about her first big stateside break a few days after the show premiered in E!.  She’s an Aussie who loves Good Will Hunting, can’t get enough of The Walking Dead, and is taking orders from Elizabeth Hurley on her literary selections.  “You need to start reading more thrillers. They keep your mind busy!” she told Park.

Though Park is under the crown, she isn’t much into the whole royalty thing.  Continue reading

Carson and Co. Clean Up Well For Kate’s ‘Downton Abbey’ Set Visit

Kate Middleton Visits Downton Abbey Set

Splash News, i-Images

Today, the Duchess of Cambridge visited the Downton Abbey set at Ealing Studios in London, where SHE toured the trailers, set and accepted a cake made by Daisy (Sophie McShera) and Mrs. Patmore (Leslie Nicol).

She spent the longest time in the kitchen, so me and Lesley [Nicol, who plays head cook Mrs. Patmore] are taking that as a compliment,” McShera told People‘s Simon Perry.

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Cillian Murphy Peaky Blinders Season 2

5 Reasons Why Royal Fans Should Be Watching ‘Peaky Blinders’

Cillian Murphy Peaky Blinders Season 2


If you subscribe to Netflix, an image of Cillian Murphy with a ridiculous haircut has most likely passed your screen.  You’re already kinda freaked out by his piercing blue eyes and angular jaw, so it doesn’t help that he stars in a show with a name like Peaky Blinders.  What is that, a fetishy peep show kinda program?  “I thought it was about dancing or something,” Craig Ferguson said.

No.  Continue reading