Cressida Bonas Mulberry Dress BAFTA Tea Party 2015

Cressida Bonas Attends BAFTA Tea Party, Cavorts With ‘Downton Abbey’ Stars

Cressida Bonas Mulberry Dress BAFTA Tea Party 2015

Jen Lowery / Splash News

It’s Golden Globes weekend in Los Angeles, which draws a cast of thousands to Los Angeles for pre-parties, post-parties and everything in between.

Last night at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills, BAFTA hosted their annual tea party.   Guess who joined nominees and other famous faces?  One Cressida Bonas, she who we once tried to imagine as a royal wife.  Continue reading

George Clooney ITV Downton Abbey Spoof

George Clooney Gives ‘Downton Abbey’ Quite a Scare

George Clooney ITV Downton Abbey Spoof


Downton Abbey imagined a world in which Lord Grantham (and his stupid decisions) didn’t exist, and I must say I much prefer order on the estate as opposed to what might have been.

In a parody produced by ITV to raise money for different charities, Lord Grantham receives a telegram confirming that yet another investment has gone sour.  He considers going for a drive to off himself, but is met by Patsy Stone the Angel (played by Joanna Lumley in a fantastic white pant suit).  Continue reading

‘Almost Royal’ Stars Crash The Britannia Awards, But No One Noticed

If there’s anything the Brits know how to do, it’s comedy.  Case-in-point: BBC America’s faux reality series, Almost Royal, which follows aristocratic siblings Poppy and Georgie Carlton on a tour of the USA.  Though the trip was brought on by tragic circumstances (their father accidentally shot himself when a bullet from his hunting rifle ricocheted off a “No Hunting” sign ), Georgie and Poppy appeared to have soaked up at least a Range Rover full of American culture.  Continue reading